Hello! This is moco* from J-hoppers Hida Takayama!

I went snowboarding with my friends last week.

Honoki daira in Nyukawa (about 40min from J-hoppers by car)

This mountain is not too big, and famous for
powder snow for locals.

Go to the top of the mountain--!!

We were very lucky because we found secret powder place!!

We could enjoy powder run a lot!!!!

And my friend told me unique i phone application
for snowboarding and skiing

I'm going to show you!


You can check your maximum speed, ski distance or any of
the comprehensive ski statistics and profile graphs at anytime and
complete your day by adding some photographs on route.

My maximum speed was 52km!!

Let's enjoy snow in Takayama---;)

**********Honoki daira********************

40min by Nohi bus from Takayama station

Time table:


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