Hello from KYOTO! 

It has been over 2 weeks in this year.
I can tell time flies so fast. I should have something NEW for me!

What do you wish this year? Well, I surely wish for my health.
I'll take cuisine assay this year just for my hobby sounds like body.

By the way, We had a special day.
It was for our indispensable person, Mr. Aki 's Birthday.
We premeditated a surprise thing for him.

One of our wonderful staff ''Ai chan" stopped him for a while
with her cute acting.

Then after.....

Here he comes !

We sang "Happy Birthday" and let off a firecracker!!!!

We all relieved that he was surprised obviously!

Thank you very much for giving us such a great time.
I realized how peaceful and homey here at J-Hoppers Kyoto!

NEW J-Hoppers Kyoto has dawned with.....
New Staff
New facility
(renovation will be finishing up early in Feb.)

We are all welcome you to visit us !



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