What do you think about Japanese tradition and culture?

Mr. Yano, one of our cleaner staff, is sometimes a magician, sometimes a repairman, sometimes a cook of Yakisoba.. and he's also famous to have an unimaginable idea, sometimes.

A couple of month ago, he confessed to me "Hey.. I want to make a notebook to know what foreigners think about Japanese culture.. "

It was a new idea for us to make a notebook! Just for it, not as a guest book !?
Then we made the notebook and left it in the lobby with a guest book, and wait (sometimes ask guests by ourselves.. )

We were surprised, we've got many responses, more than we thought, so please let me introduce some of them here.

In japan, we believed that rabbits made ricecakes on the moon when we were children,because parents taught us this.
How about in your country? Do you have any stories involving the moon?

"We've taught that the moon is made of cheese"-Texas, USA & New Zealand

"The moon has the face of a hairy man"-Melbourne, AUS

"We're taught that the man on the moon was responsible for all the things that happened around the house that no one who lived in the house was responsible for !" - Brisbane, AUS

"We have exactly the same story as Japanese" -Seoul, Korea

#2:Matsutake, mushrooms are one of the most expensive ingredients in Japan. Are they found in your country? Have you ever eaten them?

"They seems to be a German name for it called Kiefevpilz(pine-mushroom). The most expensive mushrooms are called "Steinpilz"." - Offenburg, Germany

"Yes ! Imported from Japan ! " - Vancouver, Canada

.. but there are just few guests who know about Matsutake.. I wonder why it became so expensive and popular in Japan?!

And, this is the last one, and the one which we had the most interesting responses.

It's said that there are many gods in a house to protect a house. For example, the god of entrances, the god of kitchens, the god of toilet.. What do you think about this??

"I think there can be a god anywhere you want one to be. The god of traffic lights is not a harry god."-Melbourne, AUS

"If there was a god in my toilet, it would be awesome because I would have some one to talk to during the long halls" - Melbourne, AUS

"If there is a god in the toilet, I wonder if it will protect me from poo??" - Perth, Australia

" I hope there is a god in the kitchen, because I need all the help I can get with my cooking :) "
- England

.. Some of them are not "we were told" anymore.. they're making new story now !

Anyway, how about you? Please let us know if you have some other stories :) ☆


pascal said…
Nice idea ! Bravo to Mister Yano once again :-)

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