A happy new year♪☆★☆(^V^)☆★☆
We wish your happiness in 2011!

Aki, the president of our hostels, cooked Zohni on JAN 2nd!

Zohni is a rice cake and vegetable soup. Flavor and ingredients, including meat or fish and all kinds of vegetables, differ according to the region or family.

The number of the guest who joined the party was exceed our expectation!
We had a great time in the party!

All guest were non-Japanese so that they have never had Zohni!
They could not imagine what it is!

Many questions came up!
"What is Zohni?!"
" looks like a gum!""How do you make Mochi, or rice-cake?"

By the way I was glad that all guest talked and laughed together in a ring.
Everyone knows everyone's face.

I guess it is an unforgettable memory for them...
They could not stop their heat even after midnight, ha ha.

Aki must be happy to see them too.
His zohni was very delicious! He looks like a Santa Claus on the new year!

I wish he visit us next year again!(v_v)☆★


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