Aaron's English Lesson♪

Hi☆ Canadian gentle man who stay in our hostel gave a free English class!
( Surprisingly, he extend one night for the lesson)

He had been a English teacher in Japan.
Now he lives in Korea and teach English as well.
His lesson was amazing!
I was very excited to take a lesson! His smile made us relax. I concentrated in the lesson so far.

I have a lot of things to say about Aaron's kindness and his lesson, introducing the sentences which he made for the lesson. This article is brilliant!

「Japan has a lot to offer. Not only does this country have an impressive number of beautiful sites, it also has some of the best food in the world!!

Backpackers often worry about the cost associated with traveling Japan.
However, with the right mount of planning, japan can actually be quite reasonable.
I hope everyone has a chance to explore this wonderful country at some point in their lives.
It would be a shame, not to!! 」

This sentence is correct! Some people believe in Japanese have a pile of money.
In addition, Japanese currency has been more expensive recently.
According to these reason..some travelers give up visit and explore Japan, I guess.
Aaron says they choose developing countries instead of Japan.

However, I strongly recommend coming to Japan. Japanese beautiful scenery, traditional culture, cuisine.. Everything different from your country and they are really amazing.

Aaron advice me 「B,V, F,TH, L&R」pronounce.
These are difficult to master, but I practice.

Although Mr. Yano joined the lesson as well... he could not follow us...lol

See you then,
Good, Bye!


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