Eho-Maki (Fortune Sushi Roll)

Do you know Eho-Maki (Fortune Sushi Roll?)

February the 3rd is the official end of winter according to the traditional Japanese calendar.

Eating Ehou-maki on the day is one of the special traditional events which has become popular recently.

In Western Japan, people make giant Sushi rolls. It's believed if you eat an entire Sushi Roll facing towards the lucky direction of the year with NO SPEAKING, then you will get good fortune!!! (The lucky direction of this year is the south-southeast.)

If you have no idea what kind of event this is,
please see the pictures below:

If you want to eat it cool, you can tray like this:

We will have Eho-Maki Night at J-Hoppers Hiroshima tomorrow night. Let's have fun and get good fortune for 2011!!!


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