GUNDAM, Mt,Fuji and Whiskey

I went to meet my husband's relatives in Shizuoka prefecture.

At first , we had time to see the GUNDAM.
Do you know the GUNDAM??

There was life-size model of a Gundam in the one of attraction for Shizuoka hobby fair.
I have seen life-size model of a Gundam in Odaiba(Tokyo) 2009 but pose was different.
My husband bought a plasticm modeles of Gundam....
This event held next to the Higashi Shizuoka station.
I think you can see the Gundam from train towards Tokyo.

Don't forget that there is a most famous things in Shizuoka!!
It is Mt, Fuji !!!
My husband said that we can see the Mt,Fuji clearly like this photo only 30days in a year.
I am a lucky girl!

After Shisoka, we went to the Suntry whisky distillery.
We joined the factory tour for the Hakusyu whisky.

I was drunk because of the smell from whisky barrel.......


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