It has been blowing refreshed air around me,
such as J-Hoppers Kyoto has done renovation and changed brightly.
Also, I had 10 days off last month.

I've been to Guam with my family.
It has been 15years since I've been there
and has been long time to travel with somebody.

Some of the places have changed, but the beaches were beautiful as they were.

I was gonna be on Banana boat alone there.
It was quite ashamed to try that by myself.
Because, there were so many Japanese visitors.
I've found out that I am a real Japanese who's very shy.
So, I couldn't do that and of course my mom didn't wanna try the thrilling.

Instead of trying the boat, we found Ice Cream shop there.
It's called " COLD STONE" poplar shop in Japan as well.

I ordered regular size, but the shop lady put a lot of ice cream for me.
it was way huger than Japanese one.Lucky me !

Of course I could eat up.

By the way, what we liked the most was those flowers.
It rarely see those beautiful flowers around my place.

See? Beautiful!!

There were many colors of Plumeria.
I like the yellow one.

↑ This white one is combined with 2 flowers.
It means MALE and FEMALE.
In Guam, they keep them as pressed flowers for their luck
especially for marriage.

My mom brought me those and said "keep them for your future".
I thought she desires me to get married soon.
Wish me luck everyone!

Finally, it was in for a treat with my family and beautiful landscape.
I had a memorable trip and great holiday.

I can't wait to have a long holiday again!!



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