The photo board from the guest

We got the awesome board with our photos from one of Japanese guest last week !

In that morning, she came to me and asked, "Is it possible to borrow some of your guest's photos?"

I didn't understand what she wanted to at the first time, but to listened her story, I understood and lent some photos of our Christmas and New Year's parties.
She came to Osaka to learn" how to make a scrap book" from Northern Japan for 3 days, and it was the last day. She already made some scrap books for 2 days, but the last one would be biggest one and she didn't have enough photos anymore by herself. Then she was worried for long time and came up with this idea, as she saw tons of our photos on the wall of J-Hoppers.

In that evening, she came back- I wasn't there though- and left it as her gift for us.
I was so surprised to see it when I went to work on the next day, it was not "scrap" at all, it's big and cute, just like the welcome board of wedding party or something !

.. mm? Did you find something? Forget for forgive about it ;) !

Thank you once again Ms.W , it's great present !!
Please keep up and come to stay any time !


Yumei said…
Hello!! I've just booked 2 nights at JHoppers Osaka. I am arriving by shinkansen at 6.45am.

I am sending my luggage by Takyubin. Is it okay even if my luggage arrives before I do? Can you keep it for me until I check in?

Also, I would like to go to the Momofuku Ando Instant Ramen Museum, is it far from the hostel?

よろしくお願いします! I am so excited!
You must have been pleasantly surprised. ;-)
I like to see things like that when I visit a hostel and I am sure that I'm not in the minority of hostel guests. People like knowing who has been there before.

You feel a connection to all the other people from different countries who have shared that space at one point or another. It's an interesting way to learn about the world.

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