Adrian's Bread lecture

Hello from J-Hoppers Kyoto♪

We would like to tell you about our special day.

We had a guest from France, Adrian. He's a baker in Paris.
He was very kind and lectured us how to bake bread the other day.

I've never tried to bake bread in Japan.
Therefore, I was happy that I could do that here.
You don't need to prepare special ingredient.
Just scale the ingredient almost the right amount.

He brought his own equipment for bread.
It was quite useful and better than using your own hand to mix them up.

this was the hardest part that is kneading a dough.

↑well, he is a professional.... ummm?
Ooopus !He's not a professional for bread...

↑He is the professional as you can see.
It was very fast to put the air in and kneading a dough.
It become as baby skin when it's ready.

See? I was quite serious to learn how it should be.

Here are our bread!!!!

They were soooo good !
I'll try it again by myself sometime soon.

It took us about 5 hours.
However, we had very much fun with you, Adrian.
Thank you very much for the time.
We hope you make people happier with your bread.

Also, thank you very much for the lovely drawing .

Ciao from Azusa


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