Dear friends,

Who expected this kind of terrible earthquake and tsunami hit Japan..

I was listening to the radio at the kitchen yesterday.
The radio program I listened was very nice.

They were talking about how people around the world feel and look this awful disaster.

I was surprised that every country, every people really worried about us.
Though this disaster stroke Japan, you felt this accident was happened in yours.

World newspapers picked this topic on the top, and aired this grievous accidents everyday.

" I m very shocked.." " It is not somebody else's problem” Your messages encouraged us so much. Furthermore, I was very glad that you actively participate in the fund-raising campaign. I felt NO borders, NO difference in race.
Thank you very much for your corporation! and worries about J-hoppers.

And I heard you praise Japanese have good manners because people who are in shelters wait for their turn to get food or water for long time.
Thanks to them, Japanese got your praise.

I think they do not need to keep up, people who are out of this disaster area have to work hard, especially me.
The electricity isn't completely working in Tokyo area, but compared with their situation, it is not so bad .
Appreciate we are in great surroundings and think about what can we do for them.

I wish I could delivered this food.
Wish you and your friends join the campaign to raise funds and huge donations create their future.

Thank you , J-hoppers


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