Flowers of March

In Okazaki shrine, some flowers to appease our mind from all the sadness and worrying of recent events.

Japanese Quince.
At first we thought about plum and were very surprised by the color. Flowers are easy to mistake. Quince jam is my favorite.

Other Japanese Quince.

I remember going every year to some secret place in the woods where there was a lot, to make a big bouquet and offer it to my grand mother.

Pink Plum.
If you get married in Okazaki shrine you will have the opportunity to plant your own plum in the garden in memory of the event.

White Plum.
Cherry are previewed to blossom in Kyoto from the 29th. There are so many places to enjoy them in the ancient capital. Please come and let us recommend you some of the best spot and our secret gardens.


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