The 3rd year anniversary of Taiyo no tomato men(Tomato ramen)

There are many nice and yummy restaurants in Fukushima area where we J-Hoppers Osaka is located. One of them is 太陽のトマト麺 Taiyo no tomato men (ramen), and it's the 3rd year anniversary.They've been opening more branches in Tokyo area, but there is only ONE in Osaka, and it's in Fukushima !
When they opened 3 years ago, we thought it's very weired restaurant because we had never heard the ramen has Italian tomato taste.. 

But since we tried once, we can't help going there sometimes..  they've got our stomach.
Tomato taste with cheese and black pepper, but not pasta, looks still like ramen..
"Eating" is believing. Please go and try now, because they've providing some services when you bring their brochure, for example, gyoza(dumpling) for 10 yen , their noodle for your souvenir..

Tomato Gyoza with basil sause .. Yum!

Most of our staffs with some guests went there..

Don't you have their brochure? Then, please pop into J-Hoppers Osaka and grab it!


pascal said…
Ahhhh I miss tomato ramen so much !!! :-)
When will they open a branch in Kyoto ??
nori said…
They said they wouldn't plan to open in Kyoto.. you can give your special ticket to me, if you don't mind;)!?

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