Birthday Party 23.

I had a classy night on my birthday.

me and my bunch of friends went to an izakaya

and got an All We can drink for 2 hours. Every friend forced me to drink a looooot.

I recognized I was not young any more that night.
I got 13drinks there but it was so painful. felt like no more alcohol, please. It was torture!

Then, we headed to a bar to booze up again......Jesus!! it was all fun though.

I was not only drunk also I was so beat, but thank god. it was day off the next day. It was suppose to be a pretty much recovering day though. my other friends called me and we went out to drink....that was too much. I had to be awake and killed time till 4am, because I really wanted to watch the match AC Milan against Inter. 3-0 AC Milan!!!!! yeeey.

the match was done like 6am and then headed to J-hoppers to work....

maybe because of these crazy nights, I caught a cold!!


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