Indian fortune-telling

This Indian fortune-teller has lived in Kansai for 28 years.

He reads your palm, then tells your future in the humorous dialect that is typical of Kansai.

Isn't it interesting to be able to eat Indian food and have your fortune told at the same time?

Here is my report of his predictions.

First of all the basis of his judgment is from your date of birth.

'You are gentle, Very gentle. However, you get angry suddenly.

Your stars are the moon and Mars. The moon is gentle. Mars is fire, which means anger.

Since you have both, you can calm yourself when you get angry.'

Next, he reads my palm.

'You've never had money troubles in your life, and you will never have any. You have good hands!'

'You will marry at the age of 31 or 32. You will have three children.

You lead your partner, and you want to be with him always. So, it is better that you chose a younger man as your partner. Man and woman need to balance each other. This is the most important thing.

And,,,You are Age-man, Yup, Age-man. You are really Age-man...'

*Age-man means WOMAN who is a lucky charm for your man! Not aged man.

'You hate being scolded by your boss at work. It shows in your hand. You should start working for yourself. Don't rush into it though.'

'You like taking lessons. You are wise. Your hands are capable of being creative, such as writing. You also have hands that can teach.'

'Japan is not suitable for you, you must feel cramped. You will absolutely live overseas.'

'You are always peeping(making noise) in front of your family. You are a Peeping-chan who is always complaining. You are a chatterbox. You are good at making friends quickly. '

'Your lucky days are Monday and Tuesday. Your lucky colors are red, white, and pink. '

Here is what the fortune-teller read from my face. (*Normally he doesn't do this)

'Your aura comes out of your prominent forehead, It's a very strong one.

By the way, Are you 100-percent Japanese? You have eyes like someone from Bangalore, in South India. People from Bangalore would not think that you are Japanese. Women from Bangalore and Spain are the most beautiful in the world. '

In the end, he told me,

'Listen to what people say through to the end. You understand? Ok!?'

.......Yup, I will!

Thus, I was glad to get the fortune-teller's advice.

However I say "no thanks" to the three children!


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