Seasonal Tradition in Winter to Spring

Hello! This is PAPI from J-Hoppers Hida Takayama Guest House.

Its getting warm and warm!
Finally winter has gone and spring is here.

In Takayama, we had a lot of snow in winter.
(Sometimes we still have snow in May.....)

Any way, do you know what is this??

A hose pipe?
A musical instrument?

This is a "Shoes Dryer " !!!
You can put this in front of the fan heaters.
Your shoes will be dried by hot air from heater.

In winter time in Takayama, many guest got wet shoes from station to J-Hoppers.
No problem!
This equipment will help you to dry your shoes in 5 to 10 min!

But we need to put this to storage.
Winter is finished.....

See you in 6 month!


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