secret bonus stage in Kyoto

Hello this is minasyo !!

How was going on your GoldenWeek?

secret bonus stage in Kyoto

They joined this tour on this time

J-Hoppers nice cleaning staff×2 and Mr.Kham. Kham usually wear unusual designT-Shirts(This time in front /back was GAME OVER/CONTINUE…) He stayed J-Hoppers Kyoto more than two week, And almost all main tour of Kyoto is completed, But I think it wasn’t complete without this secret bonus stage in Kyoto.

At 1st stage=

We went to Kyoto local style The name is ‘Sankichi(三吉)’.

Look at this sign with a nice atmosphere!!

If you ask some recommended menu for the shop staff, they always say ‘All of our menu’ …

I recommended you the best menu at this shop is liver SASHIMI!! (Only 30 dishes in the one night)

It was very good for Japanese !! How about you Kahm(This was the first time for him to try raw liver)??

The 2nd bonus stage=

CAFE LA SIESTAThis is the very unique café and bar in Nishikiyamachi.

They put good old video games on the each table. There are a lots long forgotten games and music.

How can I say that…’We can return tour youth!!’ ….nnnn Now I think this is more like it ‘We never became real adaults...still children.’

Do you still remember this game? I used to use plain triangle

Often the amount of time they spend at the games causes parents to be concerned.

Even for us over 30th adults …we spend a many hours of the day here... That's terrible… Because I had more tour spots for back and deep side of Kyoto, There are ‘black out bar’, ‘midnight coffee house’ and ‘more than18 kinds of Takoyaki bar’

What would we do next tour?

Those who are interested in participating are required to e-mail, fax, or call and stay @J-Hoppers Kyoto guest house.


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