▲▲surprise party▲▲

Hello!This is Chika from J-Hopper Hiroshima guesthouse.

It was my birthday April 16th.
On the 15th of April,I was working at 22:00 as the night shift.
After work,I head back home as usual.
and then,when I open the door,,,,,,,,,,,,

There were J-Hoppers Hiroshima & Hiroshima HANA hostel's staff in my room!!!!!!!

Wow!!! What a surprise!!!!!!!!

I was suppose to have a dinner at Masa's house next day.
So I didn't expected it at all....

They cooked lots of delicious meal and Masa baked the birthday cake as well!
How sweet you guys!!!

And I have got lots of birthday present.

This is tripod stand from KANA! It looks so useful.
I don't know why she know what I want.She must haveh supernatural powers.

Tomoko,Yuko and Kumi they gave me these bangles!Gold n Black!!This is myfavorite color combination.

This cute and nice candle was from Katharine and Ukki.
It leave a room smelling wonderful:-)

Yuzo gave me this skateboard.I had wanted it for a long time!!Finally I've got my board!

It looks just like me!!!!
Masa drew my portrait for me!!How talented you are:-)
I was touched by the portrait when I got it.

I hadn't spent such a wonderful birth day party before.
Spending my birth day together which was the best present for me!!!!!!!

Thank you so much everyone!!!
I LOVE YOU ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

.....July 1st is the birthday of Kana!!It must be a fun night as well:-)

PS,I received this lovely washing-up sponge from Hayashisan !!
It is so cute!Thank you very much and your message card as well.


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