Konnichiwa! (Hello!) from Kyoto :)

We get such fragrant days recently.
It's so warm and longer daylight, AWESOME!!!

By the way,I've been stopping doing exercises for a long time;
therefore,I need to push myself to be as an elegant lady for the next stage.
Anyway,I should quit my tripping now.

This is the main topic that my daily habit I've made is "walk".

One day, I was walking on new walkway where is located along Katsura liver.
I've been living those area for a year, but never been to the walkway.

Then I've found out comforting trees along the liver.

They were so pretty, aren't they?
I felt like I was lucky to find this place.

Kyoto is very famous for Cherry Blossom and
there are many popular places to have a look them.
But, I can tell there are still beautiful spots in Kyoto.

Not only Cherry Blossom but also field mustard is for spring flower.
I like the color contrast ,and it makes me refreshed.

I'm very exited to go for a walk like meeting a nice guy everyday.
My SPRING has come.....?!

Last shot !



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