A wonderful family!

A wonderful Belgian family came to J-hoppers Osaka in the middle of April, stayed for 12nights.
Father, Mother, 2 sisters and brother.
They are very attractive and happy.

Kids are so lovely, they delighted my eyes.
Everyone tried to talk to them because they are so approachable★:)

Adam's smile is very cute!

Li-Li is a big sister so very clever and dependable. She take care of sister and brother.

Mina got flower from others. She remembered "Kawaii" because everybody said it to her.
"Kawaii"means cute in English.

Adam is a nice boy. His smile made us cheerful.

They love Japan, they got choppsticks, Geta or Japanese style shoes, and MANY postcards.
They often play with Japanese swords of toy.

This is so funny↑ hahaha
Please come back again someday~~~~★(^0^)


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