★1000 Paper Cranes★

We had made 1000 Origami Cranes for Tohoku-Kanto Earthquake victims.

We traditionally send them for people with a disease or injury.
They help to recover from illness because cranes are a symbol of the long life.

First of all, we folded 1000 Origami Cranes.
Secondly, strung them ( the cranes are assembled as 25 strings of 40 cranes each.)

We finished up them a few days ago eventually!
Thank you very much for all guests who folded them!

We had put feeling into each cranes and made beautiful 1000 Paper Cranes !
This lady and man strung them up !!!

She is Shiho. She has been staying here over 2 months.
Don't worry, she done not hide here to escape from the police or run away from home. ha ha
She helps our job sometimes.

He is Mr Shimizu. He take care of Shiho, ha ha.
Shiho is very talkative and love to talk to him.

Both Shiho and Mr Shimizu are our guests who stay here very long.
Our owner, Mr Iida got her mixed up as a cleaning staff once. ha ha ha

↑They are completed 1000 Origami Cranes. Thanks to them!
( I could not imagine how long it takes to make them if they would not help us・・・)

Actually Shiho had just moved her mouth to talk, not her hands to fold them.

Each of cranes are a bit small, but one group of 1000 cranes is so big!!! :) Yeaaah!!


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