The most famous food in Hiroshima is OKONOMIYAKI. We do not call it as Hiroshima style Okonomiyaki but just OKONOMIYAKI.
If you visit Hiroshima, you must try Okonomiyaki for sure but I strongly recommend to try FUCHU YAKI too.
FUCHU YAKI is also Okonomiyaki but slightly different from original one. It from FUCHU city in Hiroshima.
It looks pretty much similar but texture is quite different.

Differences are:

  1. Use Beef or Pork Mince (usually pork back ribs for original Okonomiyaki)
  2. No sprout (so that there will be less watery and become more crispy)
  3. Press hard!!
  4. Crispy out side but fluffy inside
yummy...YUMMY!!!It is just...awesome...I usually go to "TOSHINOYA" (FUCHU YAKI restaurant near by J-Hoppers Hiroshima). When I had it at very first time, I just kept on going for next few days for lunch. I was addicted to it..even still now..

Please try FUCHU YAKI when you visit Hiroshima! It's worth trying it!!!


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