Just got married

We got married about 2 weeks ago, and had our wedding ceremony in my hometown, Kagawa.

This shrine is very old and everyone loves it, and we always get together there when they hold autumn festivals.

However, because of a heartless person, the main part of this shrine burnt down about 4 years ago, and we were so sad..
but many local people donated and then they could finally rebuild it this March - yeah, we were very lucky, they let us to have the ceremony in this super new and beautiful shrine as the first time, though we had never planned it so!

We've thought that the timing has been perfect for us and let us come to this stage(marriage), and even on our ceremony, still god was always on our side!!

The place where we had the reception afterward was that I played so often when I was a child.
It's a famous and beautiful Japanese garden, but for me, it's still filled with my memories of my childhood friend.

1 week later, we had a Big BBQ party on Yodogawa river, and it was crazy busy but it was so fun!!
Especially, my friends made it much more special, because they bought a huge wedding cake without telling us!!

How hard to bring it to there.. there were about 50 people there and we shared it, but we couldn't finish it!!
I had never thought to do typical events such as "first bite"etc. in my wedding, but thanks to them, we could.. we had to...?!! anyway, I was grateful for them from bottom of my heart.

He gave me a bigger one... evil husband!!

Through all of preparations and parties of our wedding, they made our relationship much more stronger, but more than that, I've got big love for our families and friends, and realized how happy we are.

My words can't describe enough, but thank you so much for everyone.
We've just started our new life, and we will make it better and better.


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