Spritual Place in Kyoto

Hello from Kyoto :)
The weather here gets warmer and a bit humid.

Did you know about "Golden Week"?
It's a long holiday and combined with different public holidays.
So, we(Japanese) made up the holiday called " Golden Week" as a special and
today is the last day of the special week.

One of my best friend visited me in Kyoto last a few days.
This time we discussed what we want to do here because she's been here more than 5times.
Therefore, we made up our mind for something different not like going to poplar and busy places.

Then we decided to visit " Spiritual Places" where a mystic force provides energy,
good luck and healing to a person who stands there.

First, we visited " Rokusonno Shrine"
It's located in near south entrace of Toji Temple.

There is a bridge, and it is called as tactics of love.
This place is not known for many people,but nice to visit.

Then next we went to "Kibune Shrine"
It takes about almost 1hour from Kyoto station.

This shrine is also known as fulfillment in love.
It's in the mountain ,and you could feel fresh air.

In Kibune Shrine, there is a famous paper fortune.
The detail will come out when you put the paper on the water.
It was very exciting and curious.
Mine was middle luck which is not very good and bad.

You should try if you have a chance to visit there!

On the way and back from Kibune Shrine,you can take this retro train.
The seats inside of the train settled outside, so you could
have a look the view from the train.

We've visited many places but can't explain all in a blog.
I'll update new information later.

By the way,we've found out a very traditional taste of restaurant.
It's located in Imadegawa st. x Omiya st.

It normally costs from 8,000yen for dinner, but fortunately
they provide very tasty "Oyako don"( chicken and egg rice bowl) for 800yen at Lunch time.

It's a good deal and great taste.

More information about spiritual places and good restaurants
at J-Hoppers Kyoto Guest House.
Please feel free to ask AZUSA :)

I am one of them on the photo above.
Please find me out !



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