Beer Garden

Last Sunday, me and my friends went to a beer garden in Kobe.

Beer garden is one of my favorite things to do in Summer in Japan.

I love traveling but I'm very sure thy only Japan has all we can drink!!

If USA has the same service, they will lose their money a looooot.

We were so worried that we could not make it because the weather was suck.
It was so cloudy and was not canceled but there were not lots of people up there:(
There should be lots of people there!! It was still fun though.
We hit some bars afterwords....I'm pretty sure I spend my money on booze the most:((
I don't go shopping and I sometimes cut my hair myself. If I go hair cut, it's just 1500yen.

Anyway, We will definitely make up for it I'm Osaka. We are planing to go next month.

P.S. I'm going to climb mt Fuji next month!!!! So excited.
I'll write about it next month.

P.P.S. I might be going climb up there in sandals. At least I try.


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