Energy for coming Summer

Hello from humid Kyoto :p
I am very scared of how hot it would be this summer:(

So, I become ready to absorb for coming summer as eating UNAGI (grilled eel).
UNAGI is known for substantial energy food in Japan.
There is a specific date for eating them in Summer time.This year will be on the 21st July.
However, you can eat them anytime you want.

There is a famous eel restaurant around Sanjo st. in Kyoto.
It's called " Kaneyo ". you can their detail below,

This is their famous Unagi rice bowl.

uhhh? What's the yellow one?

That's their special!!

Unagi inside :)
That was YUMMYYY!


Now I would be able to endure everything !!!

You should try once if you come over Kyoto ! I would highly recommend !!

Ciao !

Azusa from J-Hoppers Kytoto


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