Hike tour in Japan

Really nice Australian family stayed in J-Hoppers Osaka around Christmas season in 2010, and we enjoyed our Christmas party together.. we remember them clearly, as it's only 6 month ago!

Yes, they stayed only 6 months ago, but they came back about 1 week ago!!
We were so surprised but of course very happy to see them in such a short time !
Their plan is very flexible this time, as they stayed for about 3 weeks last time and they will have 3 weeks this time, too. So, I recommended them to join the hike tour which my friend's started recently.

He has been in Japan for long time and loves hiking, so he started to be a mountain guide for foreigners.
He has now 2 course, one is around Arashiyama in Kyoto, and another one is Yamazaki, it's between Kyoto and Osaka. He will show beautiful and local scenery with nice talk, so I'm sure that people can see and feel Japan more.

If you're fed up with typical sightseeing, or visiting too much temples, or tired to be in a lot of people.. then, GET OUT FROM THE CITIES !!

He has been offering FREE tour till the 6th of July.
Japan Outdoors


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