Kintaikyo and Etajima island trip!!

Hi there !!This is Chika from J-Hoppers Hiroshima guesthouse.

It's getting hotter and hotter these days.When I'm cleaning rooms,we all so sweating like melting!
It is a rainy season in Japan now.However,a couple of days in a week,the weather is not so bad.
that's why we went to Kintaikyo where in Yamaguchi prefecture when I'm off.
on the way to Iwakuni,we passed by Miyajima island.
There were so many seems so much fun.
After we had a lunch at dounuts shop,we towards to the bridge.

There were so many people there and it's so hot and wet!!

We only crossed the bridge and spent a most of time to watch a cat at the suvenir store....

Another day,we went to Etajima island.

You can got to the island by tram and ferry.It takes around 1,3 hour.

There is my boyfriend's favorite restaurant there.So as soon as we landed,we went there.

They serve SASHIMI(sliced row fish) and rice and soup.

The price is 800yen.But you can have free refilis(rice and soup).

It is worth going there and have the lunch set.

So fresh and so tastey!!!!!

After we had a lunch.We drove all around the island.

There were some beached and camp sites!!!

It is not so far from Hiroshima city.

So I'm going to camp on the island this summer!!!


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