Lunch Travel for ICHIJO-Ji

Day by day It will be hot summer ...
Survive this hot summer, my favorite good snow winter season will be coming soon!!

What will you do on this summer? I will go to the summer rock festival, it call Mission Impossible in Kyoto-Get ready to come and have fun again this year!-(京都大作戦)

It was good sunny day, and I went for a bike ride.

Cross the Eizan rail track, there are a lot of Ramen House face on the street.
I can't decide where to enter. Here is a kind of battleground area about Ramen House.

On this lunch time, I went to the one of the front runner,'Yume wo Katare(夢を語れ) '

The lunch time special menu is 'Buta Don(Pork rice bowl)'with nice flavor garlic!!
It is gooood for the hot summer!! If you eat this, you can get energy for this summer !!
¥650- until 12th of Jul

I will make out this summer with garlic power!! Uhhh....with nice flavor ...


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