It's been raining and humid in Hiroshima..I just keep sweating a lot even though I do nothing...It will be getting much more hotter towards August...

We had a RICE BALL PARTY last night at J-Hoppers Hiroshima! Rice ball..??and Party..?? I know..sounds very weired but we had it!!and it was just AWESOME party!
Party organizer Mr Kawase started preparing for Rice ball party. He cooked 8cups!!8cups of rice and a pod of Miso soup.

We are suppose to start at 7o'clock..but guess what...there were only 2...2 guests there..Don't let it get us down!!let's get started!!!woo!
after while there were more and more guest joined us!

Choose any seasonings you like!(I put all seasonings) wrap it and just dig into your mouse!!
That was just...AWESOME!!
8cups of rice gone very fast and we cooked another extra 10cups of rice!!
We ate them all.

J-Hoppers Hiroshima has regular small party like this now!Please join us! We will have OKONOMIYAKI party on June 29th! Please feel free to call us for more details!!


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