To refresh your body and your mind

As the summer's heat arrived I needed to refresh my body. As it was long time I haven't get out of the city's pollution I needed to refresh my mind. Here comes how I'm doing. And you ?

Planted some basil. Fresh leaves on top of a pasta salad is a perfect combination when heat decreases my appetite.

Some tomatoes too. But still waiting for them.
And "morning glory" under my window. The stems are growing up very quickly, and it will cover the window in few weeks. Then leaves will provide natural shade to refresh my living room.

I went once again toward Atago mountain. A customer asked me about trails around Kyoto. I knew there was one passing there, that goes far away south and north of Kyoto. But I didn't remember the name, so couldn't find information on Internet. Thus I decided to go there to read the name. There are actually two trails. One is Kyouto-isshuu-toreiru (京都一周トレイル), 70km long around Kyoto, detailed information are available HERE. The other one, which has common section with the first one is Toukai-shizen-hodou (東海自然歩道), linking Kyoto to Tokyo through 22 hiking courses, detailed information HERE (japanese only, sorry).

Picnic in the woods looking at Atago mountain and Otsu river. Feel the wind, listen to the nature sounds, look for animals.

Take time for this kind of lucky shot. Last year I could take the same shot with an egret at the same place. This year it's a crow. Do you ever wonder at crows' language ? It looks so complex. What are they speaking about... ?

Look at the rock in the pure water.

Look at the water flow. Wash my arms and head with the cold water immoderately.

On the 21st I went to the Toji flea market. More to see than to buy, but came back with this little dragonfly made of bamboo. Even well known, the optical illusion of this artificial thing floating smoothly in the air is always a delight for the mind. On my working desk it gives me inspiration, and has a refreshing effect by materializing the wind in the room, just like a wind-bell.
I've also 'invented' a eco-air-conditionner. Have you ever noticed how the air inside the house keep hot even if the air is getting much cooler during the night ? Wide opening the windows doesn't help much. I wished the fresh air of the night enter my house. Then I've thought about putting air fan not inside the room but outside, on the balcony, blowing the outside cool air toward the inside. It works incredibly well, just like if I've turned on the air-conditionner ! We're doing it every night, and probably saving a lot on electricity... Also the natural air is better for the health than air conditioner one.


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