Arigato & Amedeto Party

Hello from Kyoto!
I finally knocked out cause of this HOT HUMID weather.

In fact, I do eat Somen (noodle) every day.
It is easy and always ready to eat.
It doesn't have much energy though makes me Summer has come.

Well, we had farewell and birthday party at J-Hoppers Kyoto GH the other day.
We have a very nice Flowing Somen kit.

We used real bamboo for the pole.
This is originally from Shizuka(Kyoto Hana Hostel staff)'s granpa!
Thank you so much for such a precious one.


We also did Takoyaki (octopas ball).

I'm not from Kansai district and
I get excited every time I do Takoyaki. It was fun!

our staff ' Fede-chan"(left) 's Birthday and "Yohei"(right) 's farewell was FUN!

Last shot is J-Hoppers Kyoto Crew!

I am very glad we have many staff here now!


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