the bird of happiness is・・・

Good evening from hot summer Kyoto!!
How are you doin'  Where are you going for this summer vacation?

I same as always go to football stadium on the week end.
On this weekend our team Kyoto Sanga F.C. got 3 point on the J2(division 2・・・)
But we still on the 17th place・・・even in the J2 league・・・What's gonna happen??

I seemed to Sanga will win this game because I found some goddess bird of victory around stadium today.they brought us a small happiness.

The first pic is very famous couple in Kyoto.

Parsa and Kotono, they are Sanga F.C.'s team mascot.
They are kind of 'YURUKYARA(heartwarming character)'

And, he(She ?) from Tottori, We call him 'TORIPY' a kind of YURUKYARA, too ...

And one more !! Mr. Kitai(キタイくん) He is from Kitaku, Kyoto city.
He isn't YURUKYARA・・・He is TSUYOKYARA(very strong character)

And they brought me some small happiness, too !? Do you know the Japanese toto ?

I will go to the Yakitori house in the near future :-)


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