Fine noodles Festival in J-hoppers

Japanese have fine noodles in summer.
Usually we put them in a bowl with ice, but we flow and catch them in a small flume on the special day. This is it;

Somebody flow and others catch them very quickly!
It's so funny that they pass through us and go to the bye-bye box.
You are very serious and immature, shouting out "Ohhhh!! my goodness!!" "Shit!"

By the way, fine noodles are very simple taste, so you need seasoned food as well.
They are different from home to home.

Seasoned food in my home is just laver seaweed and baked egg.
Shiso green perilla leaves, Japanese plum and yam will be are good seasoning too!
Tempura must be the best one, ha ha!

Please try this funny Japanese traditional event in your home :)


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