☆★☆Hiroshima Minato Yume Fireworks Display☆★☆

The rain season has finished and it's getting hotter and hotter these days in Hiroshima.
The temperature during day time is always more than 30℃... Even it is still in July now, I have no idea how am I gonna deal with this hotness in August which is the hottest month of the year..

One of the best thing s to do in Japan is going to Fireworks display!!!

There was one of biggest fireworks display at Hiroshima port on July 23rd. J-Hoppers Party organizer Mr. Kawase escorted guests from both J-Hoppers and HANA Hostel to there!
People in Japan love to dress up in Kimono and enjoy Fireworks display.

Not only Japanese of cause!

In Both July and August there are lots of Fireworks Display held in Hiroshima! You should not miss it if you are traveling in Japan! Next Firework display in Hiroshima is ..

July 30th

Onomichi city: Onomichi Fireworks Fes 19:30-21:30
Kure city: Kure Firewoks Fes 20:00-21:00

Let's enjoy Japanese style summer together in Hiroshima!!


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