Do you know about "Keichan"??
It is Chicken BBQ and flavored with the use of Miso
( sometimes soy sauce ), and local food around here!
I went to Keichan conference last weekend.

There are many kind of taste of Keichan around here,
especially Gero and Gujo is famous for it.

I tasted 12 different type of Keichan!!
They used original Miso and seasoning and sometimes
different part of chicken.

I recommend beer if you have Keichan,
but it was conference so I couldn't have beer>.<

Instead of it, there were free riceballs!!

The rice was taste so good!!
because it is made of "Ryu no Hitomi"
(It means Dragon Eyes in English!!)

It is kind of brand rice and uses it for making Sake!!

If you come to Takayama, Gero and Gujo,
Let's try "Keichan"


matsu said…
I like Keichan too.It is my favorite food. It matches with beer.I don't drink beer much though.

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