me and my friend climbed mt fuji on the 17th.

I thought it was going to be very easy. I didn't almost prepare for it at all.

i should have listened to what my manager, Nori, said though.

I just brought a sport jersey for the night....

We started to climb like 2:30Pm from the 5th station and got to the top at like 8:30 PM. It was much harder than I expected...I even felt dizzy. ahhh I don't wanna go climb up there any more haha

anyway, when we got to the top, the mountain hut was already closed so we had to sleep freezing!!! I was just wearing a T shirt and a jersey lol
so we ended up sheltering in the bathroom with like 10 other foreigners who were ill-prepared hahaha...coldest night of my life!

I hate typhoon!! we could not see the sunrise well.

great experience though.


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