Sumo tournament in Nagoya

Hello,everybody How are things?

I went to see Sumo tournament in Nagoya( 9th~23rd July).

I didn’t know that the Sumo tournament starts from around 9am,so if you are a big fan of sumo ,you can watch all day long.

The day I went was a very important day when the sumo wrestler called Kaio broke the record for most victories

I was lucky to see him win and achieve the most victories in Sumo history.

Unfortunately he finished his playing career 1 week after he had broken the record.

It is shame that these days Japanese sumo wrestlers are not as strong as foreign wrestlers.

Actually foreign wrestlers rank high so that sumo popularity is not as big as it was ten years ago.

I hope a Japanese new hero will appear in the near future to revive the popularity of sumo.

Next sumo tournament will be held in Tokyo 11th~25th September.

If you are traveling around Japan during that time,it is a good chance to check it out.


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