To the sea

I was woken up by the hardest noise of knocking on the door 7 o’clock in the morning. Of course I had not forgotten about our plan but didn’t expect such an early departure. To the sea.

Six of us (one 5 year –old-boy include) got on the car and headed for the north. There is no beach in Kyoto city. We wanted to see clear water, so decided to go to Takahama beach, Fukui Prefecture. It takes 2 hours drive more or less.

When we arrived at the beach, it was raining. The wave was massive after a typhoon. Tabi-chan, a 5 year-old-boy was the first person. He did not really matter the monster waves and dive into the water. Other four big men (over 30 years old) followed a boy.

A boy and four over 30 years old men stayed in the water until their lips got purple. The summer makes people a little more happy and the time we go back to our childhood .


Bayashi said…
Even if it was rainy, it has been a really funny day ! :-D
This beach is not so far from Kyoto and quite beautiful, it's a good recommendation and I'll remind it.

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