A travel writer was born?!

We had the guest who stayed in J-Hoppers Osaka for 1 month, and he went back home yesterday.. we felt like losing one of our staff.
He was very friendly and talked with everybody, really everybody, because he spoke very good Japanese. He also knew about Japanese culture and sightseeing and history.. actually we were taught a lot of Japanese stories..

He always woke up in the early morning and went somewhere, sometimes Nagoya, Shimanami Kaido(Hiroshima and Ehime prefecture) ,Okayama prefecture etc. etc. He used his time very well,
and always gave a lot of information to other guests, so I told him that he could be a good tour guide.
But he was not a tour guide, but he was curious about a travel writer, and luckily he got a chance and he wrote an article in Japan times!

Here is his article :

I hope it would help his new step, and see him next year again !!


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