It's been really hot and humid in Hiroshima...I'm wondering when is it going to be end..

I have been working as a J-Hoppers Hiroshima staff member since January and I really love my job!
The reason for that is the many opportunities I get to meet awesome guests everyday, and also people who work with me!!
I have never worked in this kind of environment before. Everyone is so kind and super friendly. I have learn`t many things from them. It is not only about work but many other things which helps me to improve in a good way.
We have shared many things too. I really appreciate that.

I am going to move to Hiroshima HANA Hostel(Sister hostel) this September which is...TOMORROW!
I am half sad and excited about it. And also I will miss J-Hoppers...actually I`m missing it already..

I'm going to be a HANA hostel staff member from tomorrow!
so... MANY THANKS to all J-hoppers guests and staff and HELLO to all HANA hostel guests and staff!
Great Times!!!!!!

And J-Hoppers Hiroshima has new staff member Tom!He is really cool although you would not thing that from looking at his picture. He will take my place and work harder than me!



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