mother visited me in Kyoto

The summer days are gone too soon.

One rainy day my mother visited me in Kyoto. She took the train departs at 6:30 from my hometown and arrived at Kyoto just after 9:00.

Soon after she found me in the crowd, ` Well, I checked this book on the train, and Shisen-do temple seems nice place to go.’
We took Eizan train, it is not the tram however it runs through narrow streets along local houses. We quite enjoyed watching an old lady hung her laundry through the window.

Shisen-do temple locates on a hill. We had to walk a slope. It was held Jizo bon festival (Obon festival for the children) on that day in this area.

We were satisfied with the peaceful atmosphere, mother got hungry. ‘ Well, I checked this restaurant in this book…’

‘ Well, I saw a picture of delicious sweets in this book. Can you take me to there?’’ she said after lunch. It is a rice cake store, ‘Futaba’. It is famous for a rice cake with a pea. She was happy even she had to make a big queue!

‘ Well, I always wanted to see this!’ she said eating a cake. It is Fushimi Inari shrine with thousands of red gate. We took another train. When we got there, the rain stopped. We tried to count the number of the gate, but soon gave up. There were too much mosquitoes to do it.

This rainy day was gone to soon. A pleasant time always flies.
It is just like the summer days.


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