Summer vacation

I took few days of summer vacation and used them to go once again to Tanegashima. I was waiting impatiently to swim again in the sea.

We went to places I haven't yet, and discovered this beautiful landscape. The coast has impressive cliffs in several locations, and lot of them hides caves to explore. Also there is nobody at all so you can feel like having a private beach !

Going to Tanegashima without visiting something related to space is impossible ! This time we went to the tracking center. The big antenna you can see is used to track the rocket during the launch and to communicate with the probes in the space.

All the island is covered with luxurious nature. Flowers, mangrove, falls, and so many insects ! By the way do you know that it's smaller than lake Biwa ?

Even if there was no waves at all, some surfers were out. One had his dog as passenger, which seemed to enjoy the sea.

A very strange sea-frog ... ;-)
I swam three times and came back with lot of sunburns ! The water is around 29 degrees there, it's so easy to get in.

We made some engineering for a new rocket propulsion system too, but the visual effect was the only successful part of the attempt ;-)

When you have holidays, visit south Japan too ! Kagoshima and Sakurajima, Tanegashima and Yakushima...


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