TO-KAE 2011

TO-KAE is the event which held in Nara every year since 1999 to celebrate the ancient capital city of Nara.
"TOKA"means a lump of flower shape on the top of a candlewick after lighting a candle. It is said to be good fortune when the flower shape is made.
Since I went there 3 years ago, I really like it and now it's my favorite event in Nara.

Twenty thousand burning candles will light up the area creating a festive atmosphere. You can start walking anywhere, just follow candles - Sarusawa ike pond, Ukimido, Asajigahara, Ukigumo enchi(Nara park)- they are all popular areas for sightseeing, but you would discover totally different atmosphere and I think you would like Nara more.
There are some lights up events in Japan, but I'm sure this is the absolutely great and special one.

*English, French, Chinese and Korean
Date: 5th to the 14th of August
Time : 7-9:45 pm
Fee: Free
Access: Walk from Kintetsu or JR Nara station

P.S. When you are hungry before/after this event, please try this ramen restaurant.
Almost everytime when I went to Nara, I went there and always ate "Tonyu ramen(豆乳ラーメン/soi milk ramen) 750 yen.
It's very delicious and healthy.
It's about 3 minutes walk from Kintetsu Nara station.
English menu available.

Nara ramen Aoniyoshi


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