Trip to Europe

It has been a while since I posted the last blog... Hello again!

I took a 2-month vacation in June and July and backpacked around Europe. It was my first trip there and I visited 5 countries (plus one) - Germany, Luxemburg, Switzerland, UK (London) and Ireland + France (I went to France offically, crossed the border for a grocery shopping from Germany...!) It was my dream trip because I have always wanted to visit friends in the world and I met some of them at J-Hoppers Hiroshima. They are all my good friends now.

Hannah (Hamburg-Germany)

I stayed with us at J-Hoppers Hiroshima last summer. She was living in Japan that time and visited Hiroshima with her brother. She is such a fun person and we went for dinner and some drinks while she was in Hiroshima. She is a German but grew up in New Zealand. Now she is living in Hamburg and teaching English.

Dennis (Weil am Rhein-Germany)

I met this guy on my third month of work at J-Hoppers Hiroshima. He was traveling all around Japan by car, so we drove together to my hometown and stayed at my parent's. He was the first German for my family and they enjoyed having him. So I brought a message card from my family to him this time. While I was in Weil am Rhein, his family invited me for a dinner and we had a road trip to Swiss Alps!

Jessica (Zurich-Switzerland)

I met Jessica last winter. It seemed like she fell in love with Hiroshima and stayed with us for a while. This time, we did not plan to meet but we found out I was coming to Zurich for a day trip and she has free time in the morning of the day as well! I was really happy that she came to see me! I got a message from her after I came back to Japan and she told me that she is planning coming back to Japan in September to study Japanese! I am very looking forward to seeing her again!

Regula, Christian and Celina (Basel-Switzerland)

This loving family came to Hiroshima this past April. They LOVE Japan and have been here 12 times already!! The doughter, Celina is such a sweet girl. While they were staying with us, she made paper cranes everyday to pray for Tohoku region which affected by the massive earthquake. We all were very touched by it.

They welcomed me to stay over at their place this time. It was such a nice house with lots of Japanese stuff and they have a perfect Japanese room! I had a very good time with them.

Ger (London-UK)

He walked in J-Hoppers Hiroshima without a reservation last summer, and stayed with us for a month! He was traveling Asia for one year that time and he loves the different cultures. I think he is very good at enjoying travels and always tried to talk to local people while he was here. Now he is missing real Japanese food!

Kelly (London-UK

She stayed with us last Golden Week. J-Hoppers Hiroshima staff's friend, Houribe LOU played Dulcimer at a night club on her first night in Hiroshima and we all went to see his performance together. It was such a fun night. So we had another night out in London! I had my fist Lebanese dinner with her, so everytime I have it I will remember her :) I really hope to see her soon again!

It was wonderful to see all of them! I realised again how great my job is. I am enjoying working at the hostel again and meeting new people everyday!


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