Who told you that?・・・

They said that 'If you come to Japan you have to enjoy this noodle!!'...
That's an exaggeration or not...

If you have the chance, you should try to enjoy this noodle!!
Brand-new noodle house just opened!!
This noodle is nice ! lots of veges and lots of pork,very big volume!!

(But there's only one thing I don't like about them...
The noodle house plays smooth jazz...
Jazz...with Noodle... I'm not good with this comb (Jazz with noodle).
But years before it becomes fashionable to play jazz in noodle house....)

Place @ Kawaramachi main street, beween Sanjo and Shijo, nearby ROUND 1 bldg
from J-Hoppers Kyoto G.H. take city bus no.207 ⇒ ShijoKawaramachi bus stop ⇒walk up to 5min


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