Day Trip to Okayama

I had a day trip to Okayama with my friends the other day.

We were planning this trip for over a month, but on the day, a typhoon hit Hiroshima and Okayama area....! We were bit worried at the beginning but we knew we would have fun anyway and headed out.

We drove about 2 hours from my hometown, Fukuyama (in Eastern Hiroshima) to Tsuyama city first.

They have a famous Horumon Udon dish (fried Udon Noodle with stomach intestine) in Tsuyama and we found a good restaurant on a guide book. So we would like to try it.

It was a small old restaurant and very busy with families and local workmen for the lunch time. The fried noodle was pretty simple but very good.

After lunch, we drove another 1 hour to Hiruzen Plateau. It is a very beautiful place with farms and famous for good milk. You can go for skiing in winter as well.

Hiruzen Plateau (on a sunny day)

It begun to rain on the way there, and was getting windy as well... So we went to a cafe to have some hot drinks first. I tried a cup of tea with the local milk. It was very good. Then we drove around the plateau and got some fresh local vegetables, then went home.

We couldn't enjoy much the outdoor fun on the day, but it was good to have a day trip with my girls. We have known each other for 10 years now and one of them is getting married soon. So we will enjoy the time of single together! :P


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