Grazie :)

It has been chilly in Kyoto.
I guess Autumn has arrived :) Sayonara Summer!
Every the end of the season, I feel something isolated. I can't figure out it ever.

Well, we had a special farewell for our staff Federica.
She came here as a helping staff and to study Japanese at language school .

We would surely say that she is such a lovely girl.
Most of the guests became fan of her smile.

Before she left, I made a big project for her as called

" Let's make Federica's dreams come true"

We did...


PURIKURA ! ( picture stickers)


We could not have done many other things though,
everything was so much fun with you!

She said " Thank you " to us all the time.
But, many thanks to you, Fede-chan.

As you know that we work at the hostel , and we see many guests come and leave everyday.It's kind of getting used to; however, we never should be.

To meet some is to grow you up!

We always welcome you back.

Grazie :)


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