Jose was on a TV show!

We have a volunteer staff since this August, he is a Spanish, and his name is Jose.
Originally, he was a guest of J-Hoppers Osaka about 5 months ago.
He came to Japan to walk 88 temples in Shikoku, and stayed in Osaka before he went there.

He went back to Spain after that, traveling Korea, Russia and some Europe countries.. then,he came back to Japan as a volunteer staff of J-Hoppers!

He has been here only about 3 weeks, but he's been helping us a lot and we're glad to be with him.
I think you might saw him in event's photos or somewhere, but he was interviewed by Japanese comedians and on TV show last week!
It's a local TV show in Kansai area, but kinda popular one.The name is Chi Chin Pui Pui.
Please watch it to know how he looks like, but sorry to disturb with some our loud voice.. :((

Do you want to be on a show, too? Then, try to be near JR Osaka station on every Tuesday morning, they might talk to you ;)

Also, it's just information, this Jose organizes an event on the 17th of September, it's "Spanish omellet VS Japanese Sushi" !!
Please read this for more details, we're waiting for you!


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