the time and tide wait for no one

Just after I tear the calendar I have got e-mail. It was from Singapore.
I met him in Mongolia last summer and he announced me our first anniversary since we met.
He says; Time fleets, we all wish to slow it down sometimes, entrap and contain it in a glass bottle, to forever savour the moments in a time locked bubble. Unfortunately, no one can do that so I guess the next best thing would be to keep enjoying life for what it's worth.
He is not a poet. He is just a boy who like to take photos a lot.

One morning, I had a calling. It was from Uzbekistan.
I was accommodated by Uzbek family in Tashkent (capital of Uzbekistan) while I was there for more than 2 weeks. The daughter studies Japanese in the University. She said that she is coming to Japan the end of September to study. She needed 1,400USD for the flying ticket and I covered it for her.
I’m not sure if she really needs it, it doesn’t matter for me; anyway she can come to Japan and have opportunity to study Japanese in Tokyo. It’s worth it.

When I went home, I got e-mail. It was from Nepal.
He runs his little teashop in Kathmandu with his mother. He passed the test and got a chance to work in Korea for a few years. Time and tide wait for no one he said. So, if he gives up this opportunity this time, he has to wait for the next year.

We have got a guest at J-Hoppers Kyoto guesthouse. She is from Italy. She stays with us for three months. She will fly out to her country tomorrow. Time fries.

Only the time flows equally between us.


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